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extension libraries for yabasic


Yabasic libraries (c) Michel Clasquin-Johnson 2018. Licensed accordingto the MIT license

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Compatibility Library for yab

by Michel Clasquin-Johnson

Created to make the importing of BASIC programs from other dialects a little easier by creating aliases for existing yabasic commands. But keep in mind that these routines are case-sensitive, so your ported applications must be in lowercase.

This is just a beginning. Please help make this a community project by sending me ideas for other commands that can be included. If possible, include what the command does, how many parameters it requires, and from which version of BASIC it comes. If you can write the routine yourself, even better! Send it, and I’ll include it in the next version.

Usage: from within yabasic, use

IMPORT compatlib

Now you can use the routines below like yabasic had always known about them.

Routines available